About Us

Zenith Services creates vocational opportunities for people with disabilities and builds bridges between those we serve and the community. Located in the west metro region, we are dedicated to providing rewarding job opportunities to those we serve and the community.

A Person-Centered Approach
Our most meaningful work is assisting the people we serve in working toward their own interests and desires. This may include a full day of work or a combination of work, community activities and socialization. We provide a positive and constructive atmosphere that builds people’s self-esteem and their ability to make choices. We emphasize self-determination and choices for people with disabilities.

We also provide community connections, community integration skills, and creative strategies for personal development. We work to develop a vocational plan for people with disabilities who do not typically fit into the traditional vocational services model.

Job Placement
Our outstanding staff work to eliminate barriers to employment and bridge the gap between job seekers and the employers who want to hire them. Our vocational counselors work side by side with job seekers to identify industries and careers that suit their interests. We create a plan to help job seekers find the job that is right for them.

Creating Partnerships
The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is higher than those without disabilities. As a socially responsible business it is important to develop a plan for including people with disabilities within employee development programs.

Our disability employment training will help you to establish a strategy for employing and managing individuals with disabilities. We provide training geared toward effectively hiring, managing, retaining, developing, and advancing employees with disabilities. Strategy and training services include content regarding employee self-identification and complying with affirmative action regulations and the American Disability Act.

We work with employers to provide support and training of employees at no cost to the employer. Services include applicant screening, employee training and support, continual employee assessment and employer satisfaction. We also provide identification and acquisition of work place accommodations.

Developing a Plan
We are committed to understanding the values of everyone we serve. We work closely with the people who know them best, such as family members, spouses, friends, extended family, case managers, and primary care givers, to develop the most comprehensive, meaningful plan to assist the people we serve to attain lifelong outcomes. These planning methods may include “Person Centered Planning”, “Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope” (PATH), and “Essential Lifestyle Planning” (ELP).


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