Custom Services

A Person-Centered Approach

Zenith Services emphasizes self-determination and consumer choice for people with developmental disabilities. Our goal is to assist in building a bridge between the people we serve and community employment. Our philosophy of service moves beyond the traditional model. We provide individualized and creative opportunities for the people we serve, with innovative custom services through quality supports tailored to help each individual pursue their dreams.

Our most meaningful work is assisting the people we serve in working toward their own interests and desires. This may include a full day of work or a combination of work, community activities, and socialization. We provide a positive atmosphere that builds self-esteem and making meaningful choices.

We also provide community connections, community integration skills, and opportunities to work on personal development. We work to develop a vocational plan for people with disabilities who have not typically fit into the traditional vocational services model.

Those Whom We Serve

We offer unique and innovative opportunities to the people we serve with traditional work schedules, or those who may work non-traditional hours such as the second or third shift, or people who do not attend traditional vocational services due to age and/or complex medical/physical needs. We also provide customized supports which will enable the people we serve to purchase and direct their own services and outcomes.

Our site is located in the western Twin Cities area and is easily accessible. This location offers multiple work sites, community resources, educational and recreational opportunities, some of which are within walking distance of our site.

Developing a Plan

We are committed to getting to know the values of everyone we serve. We work closely with the people who know them best, such as family members, spouses, friends, extended family, case managers, and primary care givers, to develop the most comprehensive, meaningful plan to assist our consumers to attain lifelong outcomes. These planning methods may include “Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope” (PATH) or “Essential Lifestyle Planning” (ELP).


The Zenith staff with whom the people work during the day provide transportation services. We will also assist participants in securing transportation to our site or if they become competitively employed within the community.

A Network of Support

We provide a wide range of employment supports to the people we serve, including supported employment, small work crews, follow along services, job exploration, job placement, training, and advocacy.

We provide consumer driven opportunities to seek community connections, community integration skills, and personal development. These opportunities may include increasing functional academic skills such as:

  • reading
  • writing
  • money handling skills
  • developing social skills through activities such as social interaction with fellow workers, supervisors, or housemates
  • problem solving
  • and coping with stress

We also offer training and support in:

  • appropriate grooming
  • hygiene
  • dressing for work and community settings
  • training in safety and vulnerability
  • coordination with Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy programming recommendations

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