Sharon Kedrowski

Program Director

Sharon is the Program Director at the Day Training and Habilitation program for Zenith Services.

Sharon has her diploma as a Human Services Technician from Anoka Technical College.

Sharon started in the Human Service field nineteen years ago. She has worked in a Day Program, as well as group homes. Sharon worked her way up to Supervisor and Manager through the years. She has held different levels of direct care and supervisory experience as well as training other employees. Through the different sites, Sharon worked at she never lost sight of the number one thing; the people who we all work for, the consumer, this is their life and we are here to make it the best it can be.

Sharon has four children and is very happy to be “home in Minnesota” after spending the last eight years in Oklahoma where her husband was stationed for the Army. Her most memorable times are those she spent volunteering and training for different volunteer jobs she held within the Department of Defense. She has “family” all over the world including here in MN and as far as Italy. She thoroughly enjoys doing things that will help people in any aspect of their lives.

Personal Statement
Everything in life happens for a reason, you may not find the reason until sometime much later in life.

Family is not only those related by “blood”, it is those who choose to stand by your side through thick and thin and accept you as you are.

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