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November 12, 2017

For many of us, our vocational paths are a defining measure of who we are and what we contribute to our communities.

Zenith Services, established in 1998, strives to provide the people we serve with the tools and resources needed to lead fulfilling lives and become integral members of their communities. Although government funding provides a large portion of our financial resources, we proudly look to our community members for additional assistance to allow us to maintain high quality services to those we support. Collaborative efforts from individuals who, like us, value the ongoing pursuit to help others reach their hopes and dreams, contributes to our ability to provide quality services.

This year we have a goal of raising $10,000 to purchase some much needed adaptive equipment to support sensory exploration in its many forms. A comprehensive assortment of textures and materials would allow us to beautifully illustrate the use of multiple sensory experiences. A gift of any size will help us to reach our goal of enhancing and complementing the Zenith environment for the people we serve.

All donations made now through November 15th, 2017 will automatically be scheduled to be processed on November 16th, Give to the Max Day. This year, $500 Golden Tickets will be awarded at random each day from November 1st through 15th!

Simply visit Zenith’s page here to make your gift. All donations made from now through November 15 will automatically be scheduled to be processed on November 16, Give to the Max Day.As in previous years, Scheduled gifts will count toward the #GTMD17 final total and are eligible for Leaderboards and Golden Tickets, including one Super-Sized Golden Ticket worth $10,000!

Thank you in advance for your support.  Your gift of any amount will make in difference.

On behalf of all those we serve at Zenith, thank you for your generosity.



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