Orion ISO Scores High Marks in Client Satisfaction Survey

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December 10, 2012

1341Minneapolis, Minn – Orion ISO, a Minnesota social services firm that provides self-directed accounting, finance, human resources and human services for those with disabilities and the elderly, reported outstanding results from an internal customer service survey. Orion ISO clients were overwhelmingly positive in their approval rates for the organization’s employees, with nearly 100% of respondents stating that that staff are courteous, respectful, knowledgeable and helpful, as well as respond in a timely manner to emails and phone calls. Orion ISO coordinators also received high marks for customer satisfaction.

“At Orion ISO, excellent customer service is our primary mission, so we were thrilled to see the results of the survey,” said Cheryl Vennerstrom, COO for Orion. “However as a fiscal agent for the State of Minnesota we must always strive for continuous improvement in our organization. We want every single one of our clients to feel supported and empowered by the services we provide. We measure our success, and the quality of our services, by our clients’ satisfaction with those services.” Vennerstrom added that Orion ISO is one of the largest and oldest providers of self-directed and CDCS services in Minnesota.

Results of the survey also showed a greater than 95% satisfaction rating in expense reimbursement and payroll processes. Orion ISO has introduced several new convenient online tools to create more efficient and effective tools for clients and has plans to implement  online viewing of expense summaries, electronic timesheets and other features via its client portal.

Orion ISO plans to continue to survey clients on a frequent basis both formally and ad hoc to ensure superior client satisfaction. Orion ISO is one of Minnesota’s largest fiscal agents. The organization provides self-directed and consumer directed community support (CDCS) services across the state of Minnesota.

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